1000 Miglia, Brescia 2011 – 15 maggio 2011

1000 Miglia, Brescia 2011 – 15 maggio 2011

Hello everyone
Like every year at Brescia took the race of vintage cars called 1000 Miles.
On Thursday, 12/05/2011 was the day the stamp, each car was assigned a race number, and in my opinion is the best day to see what the cars are parked in the squares and streets of the historic center of Brescia, and it is easy to admire.
It was a beautiful sunny day and I decided to make a leap in the city during my lunch break to do some shooting
Since noon the light was very hard, I decided to mount on my Canon 24-105 a polarized filter, considering that the subjects would have photographed many reflections.


 1000-miglia-2011-8881__ 1000-miglia-2011-8847__ 1000-miglia-2011-8866__


Some frontal photograph

 1000-miglia-2011-8891__ 1000-miglia-2011-8878__

It was very difficult to shoot with the Canon 24-105 on my Canon 7D, because an APS-C at 24 mm corresponds to about 38 mm Effective, and as there many people, there was no distance for photographing.
So I decided to mount the Canon 10-22, that being an ultra wide-angle lens allowed me to stay much closer to the subjects and in some cases up to extravagant shots.


 1000-miglia-2011-8978__ 1000-miglia-2011-8994__ 1000-miglia-2011-9014__


You can see all the photos taken here in my Gallery
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